Soundcloud Radio 7

flamenco, ivory + ebony

Many of the readers of my daily blog “flickrcomments” at wordpress know that I like to play guitar, because I often introduce my fingerstyle guitar there. But the “soundcloud” server also allows the presentation of other (much more perfect) guitarists! For example Hanspeter Kruesi CD ” Into the sunbeam “:

Chronology of THE SOUNDCLOUD RADIO till now [under construction]:
1. Drew Ford, UK
2. Marina Kanavaki, Greece
3. Milla Brune, Belgium
4. Chris Okunbor, Australia
5. Mr. T, Netherlands
6. playlist of 24!

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writer, photographer, guitarist

14 responses to “Soundcloud Radio 7

  1. Intrigante e meravigliosa!!!


  2. Hanspeter has magic fingers, thank you Frizz for your wonderful showcasing!


  3. Beautiful! I love flamenco music. So calming and gorgeous.



    I have never heard of him! Wonderful!!


  5. Very nice flamenco, a sort of elegance to it – excuse me I am not musical!


  6. I love Flamenco music and even took several years of dance lessons when I was younger…


  7. I open your page and the music start loud… it is 0:49 in the morning but it is sound so good I can’t put it down…not until it finished.. great music.


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  9. Been six days without a computer, I was starting to miss you playing.


  10. Such a lovely track… music truly transcends all borders… Thank you for sharing 🙂


  11. I love flamenco guitar. I came back so many times just to listen to this.


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