Snowden without money?

Noah Rayman writes for that “NSA leaker Edward Snowden has burned through his savings and is almost out of money…”
frizztext: “I’m ashamed that Europe, especially Germany, used Snowden’s courage and moral for free when he described the NSA practice, but not a single European nation offers now a correct asylum. He is a hero like Immanuel Kant or Albert Einstein, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, fighting for human rights!”
Read more: Edward Snowden: NSA Leaker’s Lawyer Says He’s Almost Out of Money |
“Snowden is a thinker with moral like an Immanuel Kant. It takes time till every country follows his advice – but that’s the fate of thinkers: they have to wait till understanding follows …”
Thinkers have always been treated disrespectfully by the cliques of power rather than honored.

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5 responses to “Snowden without money?

  1. Couldn’t agree more


  2. You’ve made a great point Frizz…


  3. selby ryan

    What about the Guardian, they actually made money, they should support him financially


    • and the German news magazine DER SPIEGEL – and all the European IT companies which will found European mail-server and social-networks which are not connected with US companies …


  4. Argus

    I’m sure he could make a buck if he wrote up his story into book form.
    If he could find an agent.
    If he could find a publisher.
    If he could find a printer.
    If he could find shops willing to carry such a hot item (if it ever made it into print).

    He upset Uncle Sam and the nice folks in The Land Of The Free. Not good. In fact it shows a singular lack of judgement (or even basic survival instincts) — and he knows better than to try electronic publishing. Maybe he’s a plucked duck after all; a hero yes, but stuffed nonetheless.


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