Prora was planned as racist breeding station for the blonde race during Hitler’s “Third Reich“. The memory capacity of this history in this area made this abandoned architecture unusable similar to the building complex at BEELITZ:
Prora – een plek met geschiedenis / Prora – a place with history - Explore # 126 - 9 Nov.2013
title=”Prora – a place with history – Explore # 126 – 9 Nov.2013″ – photo by Dietmut Teijgeman-Hansen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
frizztext (German): Prora war auch als rassistische Zucht-Station geplant für die blonde Rasse … – die Erinnerung an diese Geschichte lastet bleiern auf diesem Bereich, so dass er ähnlich unverwendbar bleibt wie der Gebäude-Komplex bei Beelitz:

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15 responses to “Prora


    I have never heard of such these buildings. Not much in the way of ambiance to encourage breeding…


  2. i wonder what Hitler would think of all of the plastic surgery going on these days that makes (or tries to make) (mostly) women look sort-of the same…
    my guess is that he’d give it the thumbsup.
    chilling building.
    i’d renovate the crap out of it
    turn it into something that creates plants, or a seed sorting facility, a solar facility i don’t know
    SOMETHING positive


  3. I’ve never heard of it but I say demolish the thing!! it’s atrocious.


  4. What an ugly building for an ugly purpose!


  5. I am a history teacher, and when I tell my students (in the U.S.) that such places existed they are amazed. But I have taught students from Germany who are products of Hitler’s selective breeding, and they told me this in the greatest of confidence.


  6. How does a mind get to working like that. Incredible!


  7. Incredible in each direction
    I have never heard of it


  8. It’s always the question with dictatorships : What to do from their “creations”…. Sometimes it becomes a museum, a memorial, sometimes it’s destroyed. Prora is also an heritage of Eugenics, and all the theories that ware usual in Europe and USA during the early 20th century. In USA, there were laws even in the 70s for Eugenics and race selection in some states.
    But it was also a “social icon” for the Nazis like ….autobahn, the Volkswagen. I think there are also such building in Russia, build by Stalin for russian workers, as dictators built also hospital as concentration camps, goulags….I don’t think Prora is now very usable and I understand it’s not easy to decide what to do with it.


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