ManiFiesta 2013 | Pommes Frites

frizztext: more than Pizza or Bratwurst, Kebab or Burger, Sushi or Gyros: we like Belgian Pommes Frites – a perfect global food for all multi-cultural festivals!

ManiFiesta 2013 | FritKot ¬ 8493 by Lieven SOETE
ManiFiesta 2013 | FritKot ¬ 8493, a photo by Lieven SOETE on Flickr.

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7 responses to “ManiFiesta 2013 | Pommes Frites

  1. Ah, hit me again 🙂 How much I love this… Thank you, love, nia


  2. Yup! I too will ake pomme frites, with burgers, steak, steamed mussels, or by itself. Anytime. Any day. Bring it on! Yom!


  3. Caddo

    Oh you’re making me hungry, Frizz!


  4. Had to go read what they were…and found…French Fries in Paper Cone…You had me fooled …and it was something I eat all of the time…just not in the cone…Do like this idea though…we need to see this in Kentucky!


  5. Ah would give anything for some of that right now Frizz!


  6. If the name “Pommes Frites” seems french, it’s more Belgian and there’s no better frites than in Belgium and north of France…..And it’s vegan :p


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