Louvre Pyramid

Daily I try to introduce photographers who kindly sent their compositions to my group BLOG IT!, click on the pictures to enter their galleries on Flickr.com! Below four compositions by four different artists, compare how the messages change! Do you have a favorite?
title=”Entrance” by Chris (archi3d)
Louvre night
title=”Louvre night” by Wolongshan12 = Stephen Pan
20120526_002156 (Explored)
title=”20120526_002156″ (Explored) by 2careless = Kai
Pyramide du Louvre - Paris (France) EXPLORED
title=”Pyramide du Louvre – Paris (France)” EXPLORED photo by Meteorry = Perry Tak

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15 responses to “Louvre Pyramid

  1. What a dramatic difference the night makes to this scene!


  2. They are all so beautiful, but especially the last one impressed me much more… Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia


  3. Caddo

    Oooh, I’m fascinated by the 2nd one, though I love the 3rd as well! Great photos, Frizz!


  4. Sigh! I.M.Pei’s creation is timeless. Just like all the other structures around it.


  5. I like all, but number 2 is my favourite!


  6. Gosh its hard to choose but number two, even though its possibly the most edited?


  7. They’re all beautiful but the 3rd one is my favourite.


  8. They are all awesome, but for some reason I like the 2nd one the best…although the 3rd is close behind!


  9. Favorite? The last. Hands down,


  10. as for Eiffel Tower, this Pyramid was hated by many parisians….Now it’s a masterpiece. But it also interesting to see it from the inside. Shame on me : I lived in Paris and never took a picture of it !


  11. Louvre night with that little flare shooting off and the glassy ground reflection!


  12. Fantastic compositions!


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