Angel Oak

When I’m thinking or talking, writing for my own or publishing: Then I always feel like expanding, growing like a tree. The structures reaching to the sky, created by a tree – so are thoughts floating into the great white open of a new.
Angel Oak by Danieldevad
Angel Oak, a photo by Danieldevad = Daniel Delgado, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

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writer, photographer, guitarist

14 responses to “Angel Oak

  1. like it wants to just keep going …going…going…


  2. Beautifully said, Frizz!! 🙂


  3. Angel Oak looks magnificent and angelic. The branches reaching out look like they would hug you if you get closer.
    Beautiful …


  4. Fabulous, its a huggable tree.


  5. Love the image…grow away!


  6. Gorgeous tree…inspiring for my painting and writing.


  7. Caddo

    Oh, what a glorious tree, Frizz!! Hope you’re having a great day–truly, I am working on my alphabet, slow but sure…


  8. Beautiful tree…I would love to have that feeling…


  9. LB

    I’m lucky to have seen this oak – simply amazing and beautiful!


  10. Amy

    Majestic tree! The branches of the tree reminded me how your posts have helped us broaden our horizon . Always enjoy your wonderful guitar playing. Thank you Frizz!


  11. What a majestic tree branching out, and I love the imagery you have attached to it. With such a big tree, it must have deep and wide-spreading roots as its foundation too.


  12. Allan G. Smorra

    Now that’s a tree!


  13. Fantastic! I am surrounded by trees here but this is my favorite kind. 🙂


  14. I like trees, I like B&W pictures…


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