Yellow Plane

I do not know why, but that would be a triumph: to whiz through the autumn in a yellow aircraft!
RV Take Off - Explore!!!
title=”RV Take Off” – Explore!!! photo by eaglexl = Tim, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on, Tim commented his own photo: “Departing runway 08 at Northumberland County Airport. It’s a bit difficult catching something moving 100 mph…”

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8 responses to “Yellow Plane

  1. wolfgangfoto

    yellow is a crazy color

    is this art ?


  2. wolfgangfoto

    and a yellow car

    the yellow car


  3. Caddo

    I’m not much for flying, Frizz–but I’ll watch from the ground and wave to you! Oh and by the by, just to let you know I’m behind on my “homework” again….. God bless you!


  4. It would! It’s beautiful 🙂


  5. Ben

    Excellent Dietmar!



  6. As is often the case, your blog inspires great comments!


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