Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinite: walking into our future (nearly)…
new home, much work to do
portrait shot in an abandoned hospital
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one of my daughters, discovering the Beelitz hospital, with an infinite history – I’ve written about the history of this building at
she’s not walking into an infinite future but diving back into an infinite past …


I thought the image was familiar somehow. I remember this post :)

  • familiar, because my wife and my daughter tried to develop a mood, a photo-style which fit the charm of the abandoned architecture in a new way: usually professional photographers choose this location for nude photography, often with a sadistic touch. Many movie directors took the location for World War 2 stories. My wife and daughter decided to search for a third way.

I'm part of Post A Day 2013

below: infinite multiple me …

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32 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

  1. What a beautiful picture.


  2. Sehr schön…! 🙂


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  4. It’s a striking image, Frizz. Is there a story behind it?


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  7. there’s a story there – very nice


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  9. Caddo

    Wow, fascinating photo, Frizz.


  10. vastlycurious.com

    What a beautiful photograph Frizz!


  11. This is one of my wish I’d taken it photos!


  12. Beautiful beautiful..


  13. 2812 photography

    I love the backstory. Very cool.


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  16. There’s something infinitely sad, poignant about the flowers…. Echoing corridors of the past. Like a ghost wandering …. Beautiful photography, Frizz.


  17. What a great shot.


  18. Considering the venue for your magnificent photograph the title, ‘Leaving the ghosts behind,’ came to mind – the shot has the feel of an early Joni Mitchell lyric about it.


  19. Love the self portrait.


  20. Yes love the multi self portrait. And the third way of the architecture was just right. Nice Frizz.


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  22. Lovely image. Thank you for following my blog!


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  24. I like photos where the image of the person is part of the photo yet it’s not the main focus.
    Very nice entry for INFINITE ….


  25. Great photos – your wife brought a lovely sense of calm and brightness to the old hospital – places like this don’t always have to be morbid and decaying…


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