Cat Petition

Cat Petition by Frizztext
Cat Petition, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

My cat Emily demands a news channel for cats only!


frizztext: Cat Bagheera (from Christine) is listening to my guitar tracks on soundcloud – actually my e-guitar “Music For Cats”: click the arrow to listen!

Bagheera (from Christina) is reading my blog post:


The Huffingtonpost was friendly enough to organize a German version for German writers too. I commented there the case, that a German bishop took 31 million $$ to optimize his residence:
‘With exaggerated benevolence often cliques allow in other areas of society (financial sector?) embarrassing excesses to their leaders. Task of a democratic society is to criticize confidently and with courage in operational supervisory bodies.’

Das ist der Prunkbau von Bischof Tebartz-van-Elst aus dem Bistum Limburg

Kommentiert 11 Okt 2013 de 10:02:44 in Germany

“Mit übertriebenem Wohlwollen erlauben oft Cliquen auch in anderen gesellschaftlichen Bereichen (den Banken?) peinliche Maßlosigkeiten. Aufgabe einer demokratisch beeinflussten Gesellschaft ist es, in funktionierenden Kontrollgremien selbstbewusst Kritik zu äußern.”

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15 responses to “Cat Petition

  1. Emily does look like she means business!


  2. Oh dear you’d better give Emily some cat treats quickly!


  3. Bagghera seems to be our “baggie” : Black, curious…..and emily is the sister of our Nougat 😀


  4. Caddo

    Too cute, Frizz!


  5. …. 🙂 so lovely so lovely, a big kiss for her! Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia


  6. It’s only fair too! Signed! 🙂


  7. Bagheera says ‘thank you’ and looks forward to more news, and music!


  8. Amy

    Lovely Emily 🙂


  9. As someone once said, cats are people too.
    Well, I know that’s not so, and they are probably better off. At lease cats can sleep for 14 hours a day if they want. Factor in TV time? What a life!


  10. Emily does look quite intent on her watching of the internet!


  11. Has she seen “Simon’s Cat” on YouTube? She would love it!


  12. The music sounds nolstalgic.


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