Volkswagen was in my life symbol of a lifestyle. Metaphors for mobility. They helped to escape from a small local horizon: Just as we climb today within minutes over the horizon of our environment: surfing the Internet! A feeling of freedom.
Love Bugs #3
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18 responses to “Volkswagen

  1. …. 🙂 Our first car (and my first car that I had travelled in) was Volkwagen… It was black and beetle 1965… I remember there was a hole at the back under the back window and I was sitting there… The car was too big (for me) I was too small for a world… It has a special place in my memories, my dad was in love with this car… Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia


  2. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child – no, like an old rusty Volkswagen camper van. Not built anymore. Neither in Germany, nor in Brazil. Had my good times in the sixties. Was born 1945, started my life in an orphanage. It was a long way till now, writing, retired, no more driving to anywhere.
    The Safari Bus
    title=”The Safari Bus” – photo by zombikombi1959,kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on


  3. Kombi, Karmann Ghia and Beetle…Classic cars but when you think it was for “Volk”, it’s not like today. The Karman Ghia was designed for USA so far from the scirocco. No more Kombi now. The California Van is so expensive and powerful.
    Who is the new Volkswagen ? Dacia? Tata ? Cherry ? We don’t need the same thing and we lost the adventure spirit.

    In France, it’s the Citroen 2CV or the Renault 4L which is our Beetle. 😉


  4. I wonder just how many of us have had a Volkswagen beetle in our lives. My hand is up. My father had one and could not make head nor tail of it. We loved it anyway -till someone stole it.


  5. My heart is fluttering. I’ve owned all three. Ooooooh, the memories!


  6. We had a VW in the early 70’s. It was great on gas. Unfortunately , the motor caught on fire and it wasn’t able to be repaired.
    Is the black car a VW, too?


  7. I’d like a little camper van!


  8. Caddo

    VW’s were a many-faceted character on the American landscape as I grew up.


  9. I had a VW beetle that I drove for 10 years and wish I had never let go. (Sometimes I still dream about that car!)



    Completely re-furbished VW Camper Vans here bring well over 100K. They are very collectable. My HS years were spent traveling around with a troope of friends in a green van singing! If the company was smart they would release a new one almost IDENTICAL to the old model but with all the upgrades on the interior . So many of us have retro memories to this Van, I bet it would really sell!


  11. wolfgangfoto

    my first car was a green VW 1302
    i remember on a VW of my father with a small two parts window on the backside


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