Les Trois Forêts

Les Trois Forêts by Phil du Valois
Les Trois Forêts, a photo by Phil du Valois on Flickr.

Frizztext: only few of world’s population is able to enjoy autumn with those rites …

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10 responses to “Les Trois Forêts

  1. Not, I imagine, a pursuit to many people’s taste either. The setting, though, is blissful.


  2. I love all those pics of Phil de Valois you have on your flickr page!!!!


  3. The middle age today : Another torture for animals. England banned this with good reasons. And recently we saw a poor deer running in a village to stay alive and those barbarians coming with horses, guns in houses to kill animals. It’s only violence, not beauty !


  4. ‘Only few of world’s population is able to enjoy autumn with those rites’ – shame the fox isn’t one of them! And yes, it is banned in the UK yet the hunters do their level best to get around the law!


  5. I can hear them and their exciting moments… 🙂


  6. Saw a car in Yorkshire at the weekend with a sticker ” Keep calm and carry on hunting” Talk about a contradiction in terms and it’s illegal!


  7. Laura Bloomsbury

    Just as well not everyone wants to do this- not enough horses or foxes to go round. The class divide has been used to whip up emotions here but actually quite a lot of ordinary country people hunt. I’m neither for nor against it – city folk should mind their own


  8. vastlycurious.com

    Yes this is a past time of the rich here in the USA . I was always under the impression they released the fox. If you watch the attached video it looks to me like the fox is mightily outnumbered in each chase and I bet the dogs arrive first and DO NOT release the fox. I am not opposed to hunting in general. The video makes it look like a grand event .



  9. vastlycurious.com

    Also this is what Fox’s look like in my own neighborhood 4 nights ago..Kind of makes you feel sorry for them.



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