The Lampedusa Shock

The many victims, drowned at the coast of Lampedusa are a disgrace! Europe has built a wall around himself from Morocco to Greece. The Italian authorities take the boats of the fishermen of Lampedusa as a revenge, when they helped refugees not to drown. And who reaches the shore, has to pay 5,000 $ penalty.
photo by Gioacchino Petronicce, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
frizztext: The reason for the millions of escape is the global religious war unleashed by fundamentalist Islamists. Whether resistance or escape will enable the solution is still in limbo.
Cayuco con immigrantes (Boat with Subsaharian immigrants).
title=”Cayuco con inmigrantes” (Boat with Subsaharian immigrants) – photo by Miguelángel = Miguel Angel Adam
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4 responses to “The Lampedusa Shock

  1. Islamists are not the only reason of these migrations. Climate, gold, uranium, and other ressources are also other reasons. Those ressources used by…US !
    Don’t miss my post on Democratic Republic of Congo this week. millions of death during 20 years for …our mobile phones, and other things like that. And we build walls…walls in palestine, in Greece, in South of USA, like we built walls in Germany 😦 Do we believe that those men, women, children didn’t prefered to leave peacefully in their countries. 4 years on the road, risking their lives. We can’t imagine that.
    And In France, I’m sure some wants to build walls agains romas from romania and bulgaria !


    • The dignity of refugees as a cultural fact is not understood enough. To escape, to desert is standing higher than the “dignity” (?) of the combatants, killing heroes, Kill ligands. It is better to support the refugees with money than to support the military. Ah, but when all military spending would be redirected into refugees. Frontex should learn to change the target: instead of criminalizing refugees they should help and rescue the brave, who decided never to go back again, to return into a land of an idiotic policy, dictators, oppressors, murders. They should build a monument sculpture “The Refugee” instead of putting families in jails, concentration camps – like I’ve watched at the border between Greece and Turkey.
      analyze the actions of:
      my statement in German language:
      Die Würde des Flüchtenden als kulturelle Tat ist noch nicht genügend begriffen. Sie ist höher stehend als die des Kämpfenden, Tötenden. Es ist besser die Flüchtenden mit Geldern zu unterstützen als das Militär. Ach wenn doch alle Militärausgaben umgelenkt würden in Flüchtlingshilfe. Frontex müsste eine Zielveränderung erfahren: Flüchtlingshilfe statt kriminalisieren der Mutigen, die einer idiotischen Politik würdevoll den Rücken kehren. Man sollte ein Denkmal an den Strand von Lampedusa setzen: “Der Flüchtenden Familie”. Und sie nicht würdelos in Gefängnisse und Konzentrationslager stopfen, wie ich es an der Grenze zwischen Griechenland und der Türkei gesehen habe.


  2. I’m with you on the passion side of what you to say – maybe not on the perceived cause though! The piece has compassion and that is a good thing.


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