Maybe pictures are involved when we form our identity, perhaps also music plays a role. But the most important thing seems to be the use of language. From a dark, silent childhood, I took refuge first in a language of poetry, then climbed up to journalistic and political jargons.
The root
title=”The root” – photo by Andre@home, Andre Secours, Cornwall Ontario, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
After concentrating on philosophical, then psychoanalytical terminology (I wrote essays for magazines), I discovered how to relax in the interactive world of blogging. I am grateful that in us language grows like a tree!
What do you think are YOUR most important roots, your effective influences? Some photos, songs, styles to write?
background music: me, searching for my music roots …

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10 responses to “Roots

  1. Oh, man – I wish I could play like this. This relaxed, light, meaningful music speaks to my soul. Thank you, again 🙂


  2. I really enjoy your playing, following you on soundcloud now…


  3. What a picture ! Roots… I don’t know how to define my roots but they are as the roots of a tree, with multiple ways. And somebdoy changed the earth where i was growing 😉


  4. Frizz I agree with Band on the Runn’s comment – more please!


  5. Roots to me …are my parents…I give them much credit for the person I am…and then…I try and choose friends wisely…they also have been helpful in growing my roots…
    we have the ability to choose…even when we think we don’t …so choose wisely my friends…your roots are what keep us solidly planted…and strong!


  6. Frizz, it seems that a natural characteristic in humans is to react to music by dancing, or at least by moving to the rythm. I say this because I have seen that babies move to the rythm of music even when an adult haven’t teach them to dance. It seems a natural reaction. Have you notice that with your grandchildren?
    Kind greetings,


  7. They say our roots are very important to us. Having had a turbulent childhood I can’t say I want to attribute who I am to that but I am grateful for some of the disciplines even if they came at a childhood expense.
    I think that our heritage is important to know,too. What country or family background we have. For me, knowing that I am Puerto Rican gives me the answer as to why people looks at me differently plus I have a culture to look at.
    Great playing, as always ….


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