guitars sound different

I don’t know, if it is possible for you to distinguish the different sounds of my guitar recording experiments. Maybe you can’t discover various guitars, because my microphone was too bad or your loudspeaker suffers under a bad internet connection?

If you are interested please compare the guitar tracks: sometimes I use nylon strings, sometimes steel strings. Sometimes I use an electric guitar – but often a simple acoustic guitar, what sounds good in YOUR ears? Maybe it’s the title not the sound at all?

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21 responses to “guitars sound different

  1. Your guitar playing (and the process of creation) is much like visual artists in that you choose the media to complement the emotion, subject and message that you want to convey – love them all for each tells such a very different story and never have any problems getting great sound out of my Mac…


  2. I personally prefer a simple acoustic guitar. I have recently started guitar lessons with my daughter…we still have a ways to go 🙂


  3. Hard decision, Frizz. Your sound is beautiful however and whichever guitar you play! 😉


  4. liked all of course!…but, #4 …if I have to choose…


  5. Hi Frizz, I like your blues tracks on the dobro, as well as the classical. Please keep sharing them!


  6. thanks for putting me in your paper li again 🙂


  7. Love all the different sounds, Frizz. The Tribute to Bob Marley is awesome. 🙂


  8. summerparadise21

    Ti ho nominatoa per il Liebster Award! 🙂 se ti interessa,tutto quello che dovrai fare sta scritto sul mio blog 🙂


  9. I like your tracks because it’s unperfect….it’s emotional. Ok, let’s try but I don’t know how many guitar you have
    First one : Electric guitar?
    2nd : Classical guitar
    3rd : Folk acoustic guitar
    4th : Classical
    5th : Gipsy
    6th : Folk acoustic guitar (one of the only song I can play)
    7th : Dobro ?
    8th : Classical
    9th : Gipsy
    10th : Folk acoustic guitar
    11th : Dobro
    12th : Classical
    Am I right ? :s

    It’s difficult because it’s with different recordings

    I love your gibson


    • wow, you took your time, to listen to all 12 tracks! your mac is a good machine with true audio system. no 7: Mississippi Blues: Gibson electric guitar with nylon strings, Marshall amp = the same equipment as for the next track, no. 8 = the classical composition (for beginners) by Giuliani (added a little echo). Some decades ago I taught guitar and sold some tutorials: classical guitar (J.S. BACH – listen to track 12, the last one) converted from notes to modern tabs.


      • I had doubts on 7 and 8…Of course it’s difficult with the marshall amp, the microphone to record. And I had only a good headphone on my little netbook 😀
        I don’t think you’ll find many guitars in the CD I will review tomorrow


  10. I love that you shared the variety
    I am partial to the classical myself


  11. I like your classical guitar, but then that’s what I play. Or used to play. I have arthritis so bad that I can barely play at all anymore.


  12. Your music clips are playing as I scroll through my reader and they are making me smile. Thanks for the great break in my day.


  13. I enjoy to listen to your guitar… reminds me my son 🙂 This time when he came to here, he took his guitar too… Thank you, love, nia



    Your music calms me : )


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