Daily Prompt: Mix Tape Masterpiece

Michelle W. writes for “Daily Post” at dailypost, daily prompt: music: “You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song. Photographers, artists, poets: show us MUSIC…” – so here is MY choice (and feel free to add links to YOUR own music favorites below in the comment boxes):
me, playing on my Dobro / resonator guitar: Mississippi Delta fingerstyle blues …

maybe you have time to discover another MIX TAPE / PLAYLIST: some flickr videos, created before I changed to soundcloud (only audio files):
listen to my guitar-videos:
Frizztext - View my 'guitar videos - ranking' set on Flickriver

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writer, photographer, guitarist

16 responses to “Daily Prompt: Mix Tape Masterpiece

  1. Michelle must have been peeping at your posts, Dietmar! You’ve been doing this for the longest time (and beautifully 🙂 )


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  5. Ah, really enjoyed this. Fantastic.


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  7. Amy

    Wonderful treat to listen to a series of your guitar playing. Thank you, Frizz!


  8. I enjoyed the music. Thank you.


  9. And now I’ll listen to you all night long. No regrets tho, love your music!


  10. Thanks for the fun music to read post by. 😉


  11. Lovely gentle ‘wake up’ for a Monday morning. Thanks Frizz.


  12. crookedeyebrows

    awesome ^_^


  13. This is a toe tapper. I liked it very much also your playlist.


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  15. Loved the tributes!


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