tweet of the day understanding the strength of capitol hills security team: This case seems (with European eyes) to be absurd and an over-reaction of the police; we wouldn’t kill a woman without any weapon during her panic climax (with a baby on board). Better to ask, why people are so frustrated than to kill them proudly.
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6 responses to “tweet of the day

  1. The fear, always the fear…. fear of the roma in France. Fear of greeks in Europe, fear of migrants in Lampedusa….And always weapons as an answer.


  2. And this act was applauded by the Congress too! I wonder how they missed her terrorist baby on board!


  3. sometimes crtized if we do and then if we don’t…The baby on board…and an unarmed women???…did they know???


  4. My husband said they thought the car was booby-trapped with explosives. I don’t know…. And they didn’t know there was a child in the car. It seems like the excessive use of force to me. Sad how we are becoming used to this sort of thing in the U.S. I wish things were different.


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