Music For Cats

I had to smile, when I discovered this cat with music passion, photo shot by Ankinta, – because my own cat comes always running, when I play guitar – and then she tries to sing along (roaring) with me!
1 – photo by Ankinta, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
My Singing Cat
2 – photo by frizztext, featuring my cat and me – performing a duo in our garden
background music: me playing a romantic song for cats on my electric guitar!

3 – title=”11/365″ photo by Guilty–Cubicles = Tia, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr; the photographer Tia comments her shot: “I gave her a bath today so she’s not too happy with me. She knows she’s not supposed to be up on that amp…”

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writer, photographer, guitarist

17 responses to “Music For Cats

  1. Really love this – thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. Sonya

    Your music is so, so lovely. It puts me in the mood I want to be in. Thank you, so much for sharing your talent!


  3. My cat must enjoy my soft music playing in the background when I blog…because she is always by my side…


  4. No wonder she comes running!!!! It’s obvious your cat has a musical ear! 🙂


  5. This lovely…Bagheera liked it too. I will tweet photo of his appreciation


  6. A musical cat! How wonderful. Thank you for following my blog. 🙂 Going to check out more of yours.


  7. Amy

    Beautiful music, Frizz! Your cat is just lovely, and she sings along with you 🙂


  8. This is amazing–I love it!


  9. Caddo

    That’s fascinating that your cat comes running when you play guitar! You must have an enchanting gift indeed, beyond what we humans can admire.


  10. So beautiful your music!!!! I would run as well!!! 🙂


  11. The one of your cat singing along with your guitar is my favorite — priceless!


  12. Cats always bring a smile to my face. They are characters.


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  14. Very fine. The guitar sounds very good. My dog used to reflexively howl on high notes from the harmonica. Otherwise she had the sense to ignore me. Your cat is lucky.


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