Tea Party vs. Obamacare

Maybe it is not very clever, to destroy with battles between Republicans and Democrats a good US-image. Obamacare: In Europe health care for everyone is standard (in India, Africa and the US it seems not)…
polka dot tea party
title=”polka dot tea party” – photo by Shandi-lee, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com

comment by Patti Kuche:

  1. Great post Frizz. Shame this land is now closed until further notice!

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9 responses to “Tea Party vs. Obamacare

  1. maybe standard in some countries of Europe but less and less in UK, Spain, Italy, Greece.
    in this post http://icezine.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/shutdown-on-ferme/ I tried to see the roots of the shutdown. So human !


  2. I’ve had the website up all night to try to see what’s available for my daughters. “Our site has many visitors. Please be patient and we will be with you soon as we can.” Typical government non-efficiency. The bill needed more thought and debate.


  3. We have the most crazy right wing beliefs by half the country. It drives me mad! Oftentimes I think we have too much capitalism at stake. Thankfully here in Minnesoat we have much more Scandanavian roots this very good social services except health care. Although there are some issues with Obamacare at least it is a start at giving people the care they deserve. Crazy country sometimes!


  4. I have been in healthcare for more years than I would like to admit (researcher, nurse, educator, assistant administrator of a rural hospital) . We (U.S) used to have decent / affordable healthcare. All we have seen in recent years is the rise in cost for nothing except people in insurance and pharma making big money.
    I’m not sure who will benefit from Obamacare – good physicians and small (affordable) clinics are going out of business, seniors are getting more money pulled out of their monthly social security (whether they use healthcare or not), the insurance that we now all have access to assures that we have healthcare but the deductibles and out of pocket costs are alarming! My observations are not second or third hand I have lived as a unemployed, homeless, uninsured american who was told I would be better off – my children and I have not been.


  5. Shame on them! Shame on them all!!! Let’s not forget that Obamacare is now, and has been for some time, a national law. Essentially, the GOP is holding the government hostage in their attempt to overturn something that’s already on the books as a LAW.

    Of course, now they’re playing the blame game, but whether it’s Democrat or Republicans, it’s become clear that the politicians of the United States are no longer interested in upholding their jobs, namely to serve their constituents, the people who voted them into office in the belief that they would actually do their jobs. All the politicians of either party care about is upholding the far radical fringe elements of their respective parties. Oh, and getting their substantial paychecks, which some Americans are now denied.

    The fact that this nonsense nows happens all the time here in the US is a clear indication that the American system of government (not democracy per se) is severely broken. The big problem is that given the apathy of the American voters, and the narrow-minded agenda of American politicians, this type of thing will continue over and over again. Hey Americans … we voted for ’em, and now we’re eating our just desserts. No wonder the rest of the world looks at us like we’re idiots.


    • We don’t think you are idiots, we sympathise with you right thinking,caring people who are advocating for a law that, as you say, has already been passed and is in line with both democratic
      and (if you are religious and most Americans seem to say they are) Christian beliefs about taking care of the sick. So hang in there; many people in the UK and I’m sure other countries too are rooting for you and the Obamacare programme.


  6. Thanks for reminding us about socialized medicine and government programs that try to serve the people. It’s an enigma to me, but so many Americans have been bamboozled into fearing socialism and/or the government (which they elect to serve them).


  7. Amy

    During our trip to China, I found out China has health care too. I argued with my R friends that if they have a big house (they do), kids went to Ivy league, two cars, vacation…. please tell me why poor people can’t have health care??!!


  8. I cannot fathom why a nation that claims to be a democracy, and indeed goes to war on the back of this claim. does not think the good care of all its citizens is a matter of priority, wholly unrelated to some daft political ‘-ism’.


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