Speedy Technology Development

In my lifetime the developments of information technologies have been very fast. Every decade it became more and more comfortable. A big “thank you” to countless engineers!
Teddy Camera Model "A"
photo above: title=”Teddy Camera” – photo by John Kratz, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com
4 photos below: by frizztext

1SKYPE victims2my first typewriter
3Old Radio4camera-of-grandma

1 – SKYPE & mobile phone victims
2 – my first typewriter
3 – old radio
4 – grandma’s camera
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14 responses to “Speedy Technology Development

  1. I love the “oldies” …not just songs…the things of our past bring back warm fuzzy feelings…good times…


  2. Perfect BloggersTech

    Reblogged this on Blog of an e-marketer by Main Uddin.


  3. development is too fast for me to keep up with everything


    • resume of our modern times:
      “My treasure’s in the Cloud!
      My i-Mac stored it there!
      Its debut leaves me proud.
      Six poets found it: “wow’d”
      My writing in the air!
      My treasure’s in the Cloud!”


  4. Al

    How technology has changed.

    Thank you for sharing these with us.


  5. Thank goodness they are well looked after!


  6. Amy

    They revolutionized how we learn, communicate, … Great post, Frizz!


  7. Wow, how great that you still have all of these things. They certainly do change our world.


  8. Caddo

    I recently bought a “new” toaster–and am at a loss to understand why it’s designed like the big old hurkin’ ones we used to have when I was growing up. All it does is take up more of my very sparse counter space–doesn’t do anything spectacular, no features beyond toasting the bread…..


  9. compared to humanity, those inventions are so …young !


  10. Our Adventure in Croatia

    my first typewriter was like that too…..


  11. Hope to meet you in person some day.
    We are soooo sympatico!
    Jeanne Poland


  12. wolfgangfoto

    i love all this historical things , they are a part of my former life
    i love the new fast technology developments also
    but i can only use a very small part of their the possibilities


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