Lost Music

“He who ignored music: lived with a big failure!” – once the philosopher Nietzsche said. Listening to the radio and playing guitar for more than 50 years: I’ve lost a lot of good songs out of my memory. Vinyl records lost. Tape recorder lost. Paper-notebooks with chords and tabs for guitar lost.
Cassettes lost, but saved some tracks, converted digitally, to CD and USB-stick.
written guitar music
It goes on and on. Now I discovered CHORDIFY.NET = a paradise for guitarists! Fill in a youtube URL and the software will present the chord progress! I’ve made a test with two of my favorite songs: (1) “Mockingbird” by Carly Simon and James Taylor and (2) a version of the “September Song” played by the Gypsy jazz guitarist Bireli Lagrene.




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20 responses to “Lost Music

  1. Thanks Frizz! I love the Lagrène way of playing!…
    I have lost myself a lot of things with age…I hope some of them I would be able to find them again!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. thank you for:
    “I have lost myself
    a lot of things with age…
    I hope some of them
    I would be able
    to find them again!”


  3. Beautiful shots, both of them. Mockingbird! One of my all time favorites along with Carly Simon. I think she looks absolutely stunning, sexy, superb, and scintillating on the cover of her Anticipation album. A shot I’ve always admired.


  4. Great finds, Frizz!! 🙂
    Ah, cassettes… boxes and boxes full of them. Vinyl is -sort of- back but tapes will always hold a special place in my heart.


  5. Frizz, I still have and use my CD player (walkman version), so I don’t feel I need an iPod; although, my family, doesn’t have vinyl records anymore. Vinyl records are now collectibles… I think also CD players like mine. Don’t you think? I remember that when I was a child I had various vynil record with music for children. I still remember some songs.
    Kind greetings,


  6. Love that September Song jazz guitar. Fabulous! 🙂


  7. Caddo

    I like the “September Song”–kind of a jazzed up version of “Autumn Leaves”, isn’t it?


    • it’s the same mood but different chord progresses – I’m trying to develop a simple fingerpicking arrangement for my acoustic solo guitar performances – but it is difficult – maybe I’m now too old …


  8. Love the Lagrene track Frizz! My vinyls are coming with me to the nursing home!


  9. Excellent post and photos, Frizz. Music amplifies everything in life.


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