What’s luck to you?

I was surprised at the clear consensus when I asked my readers about satisfaction [in the article Budapest: rich & poor]. Read the answers below.
Kitty's den
title=”Kitty’s den” by H2@Japan, the photographer is living in Tokyo and uploads fantastic documents of urban street cats; the shot was kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter H2@Japan’s galleries on Flickr.com

comments (till now):

  1. When I was younger I wanted more now that I know what trouble it is to take care of “stuff” I would be way more comfortable if I had less…

  2. More smiles from people around and peace of mind… :-)

  3. Family, friends and a couple of books!

  4. Here, here Marina! Peace of mind!

  5. I have been around some of the richest people in the world and I have not only been poor and homeless but enjoyed the hospitality of very dear people who live on very little in under-developed countries. The people with little were more generous and I believe they were happier. Who needs gold and glitter when you have friends that make you smile

  6. Knowing that I am loved is enough for me.

  7. I agree with Marina. Peace of mind and more kindness towards each other. It’s time!

  8. Books provide a sense of comfort. Music. Trees. Poetry. Sunset. Sea. Laughter. :)

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10 responses to “What’s luck to you?

  1. caring, sharing, creating, feeling safe, a good meal with people I love, our garden, our home, the big, big sky behind my house; the raven that for the past two days has been walking in the field stubble (I’ve never seen one before); people who put heart and soul into the things that they do; looking for ways to be/do something better, and all the comments the above.


  2. It would be to have people who do not leave you in your bad times


  3. To love without expecting anything
    To be loved in that way…
    all others would be coming then….

    but of course the world has different kind of people… People who is with you in your bad times, people who share with you, people who are kind…. goes on like that… we call them “good or beautiful people”….

    Richness is to collect beautiful memories and to have a beautiful people in your life…

    I think, I also describe my community in here, in this connected world. 🙂

    Thanks and Love, nia


  4. I absolutely love everyone’s answers…all so true…for me…kind people and friends in my life, my beautiful kitties, books, nature and the health to enjoy it…


  5. I love Nia’s answer….Loving without expecting anything. Animals, people….
    I’m very lucky to be born where I was born….But often, I forget this 😦


  6. lisalday111711

    peace within and peace with out….and to have love in my life….I have been pretty lucky with that


  7. “Luck” just happens…no expectations…unknown…unexpected…a moment of goodness…or a moment of sadness…
    No boundries…effects all!


  8. Luck to me is knowing gratitude and kindness.
    Happy Thursday, Frizz! 🙂


  9. We bloggers all seem to have similar simple needs!


  10. Being joyful, having excellent health and grateful for it all!


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