How Many Bridges Circumnavigating Manhattan?

frizztext: I adore Vladimir Brezina’s morning sports: with a canoe round Manhattan!

Wind Against Current

By Vladimir Brezina

Some of the Manhattan bridgesIt’s interesting to look occasionally through the search terms that people have entered to reach your blog. And recently, quite a few people have been arriving at Wind Against Current with the query “how many bridges circumnavigating Manhattan”. They’ll have been disappointed in not finding an answer—until now!

Another popular query is “how many islands in New York City”. Unfortunately, that question does not have a definite answer—it depends on what you consider an island, and on the state of the tide.

But “how many bridges circumnavigating Manhattan” does have a very definite answer. And the answer is…

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4 responses to “How Many Bridges Circumnavigating Manhattan?

  1. WOW! Seems amazing… Thanks and Love, nia



    I am so glad you re-blogged it Frizz! With the amount of readers you have they will get great exposure! It was a fantastic post!


  3. Never realized there are so many bridges to cross


  4. Any of these bridges made of love?


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