Battle Of Architects

In Berlin, you can watch the fight of architects. A clash of ideologies, a struggle of history against himself. On this location recently was the communist “Palace of the Republic”. He was knocked down with mendacious justification. The conservative Christian citizenship now raises money for the re-establishment of the old aristocratic town castle.
In Berlin kann man sehr gut den Kampf der Architekten betrachten. Ein Kampf der Ideologien, ein Kampf der Geschichte gegen sich selbst. An dieser Stelle stand der kommunistische “Palast der Republik“. Er wurde mit verlogener Begründung abgerissen. Die christlich-konservative Bürgerschaft sammelt nun Geld für die Wiedererrichtung des alten aristokratischen Stadtschlosses.
Berlin mitte, Palast der republik
title=”Berlin Mitte, Palast der Republik” – photo by Tumbalalaika, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

actually I’m writing a book review [about really bad architects]:

Sowohl die SPRACHE als auch die Auswahl des BILDMATERIALS haben unserer Familie ein paar fröhliche Stunden beschert. Da wir auch Architekten in unserer Familie haben: Das Buch löste Erinnerungen an allzu viel ähnliches, selbst Gesehenes, man muß sagen: selbst Erduldetes aus. Bisher hatte ich immer nur dumpf gelitten, wenn ich dergleichen in Stadtlandschaften entdeckte, hatte dann meine Wegrouten einfach geändert: Turit Fröbe aber hat uns in den Stand gesetzt, mit befreiender Ironie und perfekter Fach-Terminologie darüber uns auszutauschen. Sehr empfehlenswert!

short lamp
photo above by frizztext, shortened lamp post, found in East Berlin

link below: photos of the “Palace of the Republic” with the word ZWEIFEL (=doubt) on the rooftop:

iPhone 3

below a slide show with my Berlin photos, in the background me on guitar and my very talented friend L. on various instruments:

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14 responses to “Battle Of Architects

  1. It is interesting how some wish to go back in time as of to erase all that has passed instead of building something new and focusing on the future.


  2. The architecture of East Berlin is looking better than ever if the new plan is a monarchist fantasy!


    • hi Susan,
      when the palace of the republic still was standing, there have been many protest actions vs. knocking him down – but now he is gone – and it seems, they do not have enough money to build up that old castle replica there. Now the location looks like a cemetery or a battlefield – in the heart of Berlin – a little bit absurd: the reunion between had no human death toll – but some buildings were killed instead!


      • Yes! It’s really sad that the Palace wasn’t perceived as worth saving in spite of citizen actions. When we visited Berlin in 2011 we loved the feel of Alexanderplatz; the Fernsehturm and the friendship fountain with it’s graffiti. Next time we will go in search of other treasures from the old East Berlin while we still can!


        • maybe the Brandenburger Tor will overcome – but you can’t find the shortened lamp posts anymore (watch my photo above) – they made it tall again – so they can spend light for giant heroes again – for a Gulliver in Lilliput-Friedrichshain, for a Goliath fighting vs. David on the Karl-Marx-Alley
          the sculptures below (Marx & Engels), I played on my guitar for them “This land is my land” by Pete Seeger – the sculptures are gone – they are constructing a subway there…
          M = MARX (+ ENGELS)


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  4. You know Frizz, for me there’s no more ugly building in Mexico City than a building named “Torre Latinoamericana”. If there would be a voting about this building, I would vote to disappeare it, but strangely it is considered an iconic building. Why? It seems that when it was constructed it was the biggest building in the City and also the most modern. I think for this reasons it has been iconic since those days (1956). Although, for me this reasons are not enough. In my opinion this building is a kind of sacriledge in contrast to the beautiful colonial and early nineteenth Century architecture located in Historical Downtown Mexico (where this building is located). I don’t have a photo of this building because I don’t like it but I will take one, and I will post it in your comments to show you.



      hola Marianne,
      you made me curious with:
      “…for me there’s no more ugly building in Mexico City than a building named “Torre Latinoamericana”. If there would be a voting about this building, I would vote to disappear it…”


      • Frizz, if you can visit Historical Downtown of Mexico City some day, you will understand my point of view. Over there are located amazingly beautiful buildings, and the Torre Latino disrupts with those artistic architecture works. I have the project of posting photos of those other buildings in my photo blog at some point, then you can see them and give me your oppinion. I want to tell you (I almost want to say “I want to show of”, because I’m very proud of this) that I woked in the restauration project of one of these other buildings, the “Palacio de Correos”, or The Postal Palace, which is a stunning building.
        Did you know that Mexico City is also called “La Ciudad de los Palacios”, or the City of Palaces? That’s because of its Historical Downtown architecture. Wait for the photos.
        Kind greetings,


        • maybe I’ve already told you, that my daughter is an architect with focus on restauration of historical buildings?


          • I already knew that she is an architect, but I didn’t know that her focus is restauration of historical buildings. I think it’s great! I’m anthropologist but when I was finishing my studies I was thinking about also studying architecture. I love architecture and other arts, so I took some restauration courses and had the opportunity of working on the restauration of two historical buildings which are located in Mexico City’s Downtown. I loved the experience.


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