Perfect Duet

My Singing Cat
when I play guitar, my cat comes running, longing for listening, resting down by my feet (or better: directly on the table, eye to eye). I’m a little bit sad, because she can’t sing very loud with me. It’s a kind of low noise like yawning. But now I discovered a perfect duet: a trumpeter and a donkey!


recently I noticed that there are duets, completely silent:
photo by frizztext

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writer, photographer, guitarist

5 responses to “Perfect Duet

  1. If your cat could sing I would be so jealousy 🙂 This is amazing post, you are so nice,…. Your cat loves your playing guitar… Our cat too, when my son was playing his guitar… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness to you ALL, love, nia


  2. Both duets are brilliant, Frizz!
    Happy new week and Monday! 🙂


  3. Our Adventure in Croatia

    many thanks for the LINK and pingback!!! much appreciated! (great post by the way, and your cat looks very intent at singing!!…)


  4. You and Emily – a perfect duet!


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