Presidents of the USA

Who is your favorite president in the history of the USA? Pres. Obama has chosen a favorite thinker too. At first for me Obama was an inspiring change. But then he seemed to change himself to a sad version of his former character. The creative blogger “strawberryindigo” convinced me with her “angry letter to Mr. Obama”
The Presidents
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I was amused by this youtube video:


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31 responses to “Presidents of the USA


    Despite the odd track colorful personal faux paux, it would have to be Clinton. Our economy was stable.


  2. Thank you for sharing “strawberryindigo”


  3. I still hold out hope for Obama!


  4. I would have to say Jfk, he was good for the country in an uplifting way, he might not have changed the country but he could inspire people.


  5. Concur with Gilly 🙂


  6. Amy

    We are talking about US President, not US King… I believe Obama has done so much as a President.


  7. I agree that Obama has done a lot of great things for our country that haven’t been fully acknowledged. Everyone is too caught up in arguing just for the sake of being obstinate.


  8. Thanks for featuring my post!


  9. Still hold out hopes for Obama, but our very democratic US friends tell us that Lyndon B Johnson was very good at getting social improvements done, and this is often forgotten.


  10. It begins and ends with Bill Clinton, the best president the US has had since FDR. He guided us through great economic times and during his terms the country was happy and prosperous. And please, please, please, don’t even bother mentioning the Lewinsky scandal, as I’m sure many people will. History will tell that that unfortunate moment doesn’t even matter when we measure the greatness of the man, and all the great things he did for the country. We’re all pulling for Hilary to run in 2116, because the US really needs another Clinton in the White House.


    • I’ve heard from a feminist in India, that the Clinton family has very big honorar demands if you will book them for a speech, even the daughter – so a feminist from India could not speak but daughter Clinton grabbed the job – it’s a job – sometimes we find characters who are fighting with their deepest soul for an opinion – no matter if they are payed for.
      Actually, next week, will be election in Germany, battle between Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück. Peer Steinbrück took 25,000 Euro for a speech of 40 minutes in my neighbourhood…


      • Hi Frizz,
        Those stories are true, and the Clintons aren’t perfect, but politically speaking, they offer the best for our nation (in my opinion, of course). Like you, I greatly admire Barack Obama, but as an American, I think he has come far short on delivering things that he promised. Much of that is not his doing as the Republicans consistently undermine everything he does or proposes. Still, I feel he has been a bit of a disappointment, especailly when it comes with reviving the economy.

        Unfortuantely, whether it’s the US or Germany or wherever, it seems that politics has become it’s own version of big business, and politicians can cash a big paycheck for giving speeches or writing their memoirs (followed, of course, by the equally big money-making promotional tour.)


        • as the Republicans consistently undermine everything he does or proposes…
          BUT they are willing to support his plans for a military attack in Syria (supporting al Qaeda) – isn’t it paradox after he received the Nobel prize for peace?


  11. For me, Obama is prisonner of his administration. He was a good deal for democrats to come back in the white house. But after that, is he really president for everything during this years ? He made bad choices, but for what he believed in, he had no power, no help from his own party.

    But for the best president, I don’t know. Roosevelt was interesting.


  12. It would have to be Ronald Reagan.


  13. Yup. strawberryindigo sure was mad in her post. Many people are mad. And frustrated. And tired. I did my own take on the entire Syria thing recently. It’s a tough one. It’s tough being president of the free world.


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