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The fear against NSA, prism etc. is excessive. The problem is not that someone will read your writings, but the problem is, when they block you, so you definitely cannot be read, you cannot create a social network beyond the usual public one-way TV statements.
So it was, for example, not possible for me to comment publicly about a banal TV report about the history of the architecture in Beelitz – the comment feature was closed. There should not be so much outrage over NSA – but more about the suffocation of comment options: There lurks the worse oppression. Thanks to all TV and news channels which offer a comment option! There should be a penalty for those, who block comments, doing with ignorance only their daily own one-way business.


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8 responses to “Watch Comment Options

  1. I agree with every Word! And I feel myself very lucky…My telephone is so old, it is impossible to track!! 🙂


  2. i’ve noted that comments drop way down on any post that i write that addresses a sensitive issue. it’s as if people are afraid they’ll be ‘marked’ for speaking out. that concerns me – not that they refrain from the feedback, but they are allowing themselves to be manipulated into apathy. z


  3. I have noticed this as well. It is frustrating and makes me want to never return to such a site or writer.


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