9/11 – lost architectures

12 years later the clashes of fundamental Islam vs. Western rules of peace and freedom have made an escalation. Syria is only one of the battlefields. The battlefields were multiplied and escalated.
Today is the anniversary of 9/11 again. If you think (beside the usual paths of political reflection) about the international topic of lost cultures and architectures, there is always a lot to discover for further notice. I tried this also to other objects: changing history of the Beelitz buildings

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10 responses to “9/11 – lost architectures

  1. elisaruland

    It’s startling isn’t it, when you notice the towers in an old magazine article, or still edged along the skyline in a scene from Friends reruns, until slowly it becomes a dull ache inside


  2. I found your portrayal of Berlin totally depressing, Frizz. Is there any hope for the future? I hate this day- 9/11.


  3. There is an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal about a sculpture by German artist Fritz Koening. It had been in the plaza in front of the towers, now it sits abandoned in a park surrounded by a fence.



  4. There is also a somewhat uplifting story in The New York Times about the slurry wall in the basement of the towers which was built to such a high standard that it prevented further devastation to the area. there was a chance that the Hudson river could have broken through the wall and flooded the entire lower Manhattan area, but the wall held.



  5. it is also the anniversary of Salvatore Allende’s death in Chile, after Pinochet’z putsch, … a US Putsch with hundred thousand’s death ! 1973


    • yes, you are right, in the German TV news this stood side by side, in Chile top, in USA maybe hidden – we always have to ask: who and where an anniversary of what?


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