Afghanistan War’s Women

There are so many wars actually running – and what the near future will bring? Syria? I like the portrait a father in Pakistan send to me, proudly featuring his daughter (below). On the other hand I stumbled upon a shocking photo gallery published by THE ATLANTIC magazine, titled the women of the Afghanistan war
A Grandmaster in making.
title=”A Grandmaster in making” – photo by Commoner28th, Waseem Ahmed, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

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13 responses to “Afghanistan War’s Women

  1. The photos of the women in the Afghan war are indeed shocking, but thank you, Frizz, for the happy image above. We have to hope, don’t we, and that little girl embodies hope.


    • hi Tish,
      in every nation are parents, wishing that their children might have a peaceful future – and the chance to learn and work on a quality level … – and you worked well for such a goal, writing children’s books in Africa …


  2. Phew, the pictures of the women in Afghanistan go straight to the heart and are very emotional. Thank you for the link and the the picture of the little girl playing chess. As Tish said – there is hope, or as we say in German: Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!
    Have a HAPPY Sunday 🙂


  3. Pictures speak for themselves! AMAZING!



  4. Amy

    the women of the Afghanistan war, sobbing…


  5. All sides, all views of the impact- across continents and generations. Thank you…


  6. Thank you for sharing this story, sometimes I wonder if conflict is created for us to loathe it or to aggrandize it


  7. Heartbreaking images Frizz.


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