War vs. Syria

me, writing to the Huffington Post about word-hiding strategies – because Kerry said, a strike vs. Syria would not be a war …

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16 responses to “War vs. Syria

  1. Well that – makes no sense whatsoever! I guess they will call is the Syrian Conflict – Vietnam was never declared a war either – just a “conflict” – Disgusting!


    • the same in Germany, our troops, killing in Afghanistan, have not been in a war – but what else? They do not dare to use the word “war”, because then the population could have the idea, to resist …


  2. I tried to comment on the Huffington Post, but couldn’t because I’m not a Facebook or anything else member. There are alternatives to the word war. Diplomats are creative with military actions, interventions, resolutions and armed response. I think it all comes to about the same thing though.
    Say, that City of New Orleans sounds good.


  3. “Word-hiding” strategy–that’s a good one!! I’m with Ms Kathleen–the number of casualties from Vietnam makes the term “conflict” quite insulting.


  4. Family lore has it that my father volunteered for the 19th General Army Hospital without discussing it with his bride, my mother. While I was not to be part of the family until 1958, I have the letters and artifacts from that time. Dad started out riding the wave of US patriotism; his letters home bearing a tone of vigor and resolve. Into the second and third year, and as he saw the impact of war upon the enlisted and civilians, the letters changed. My father changed. A kind of bitterness replaced the fervor…the true nature of war sat squarely upon him. How does one come to terms with this?

    Will we ever become peacemakers?


  5. I suspect the semantics of the current negotiations also fall under the umbrella of fobbing for time in the pursuit to rationalise the inevitable, whether that be action or inaction. . . .


  6. Killing is killing and dead is dead and thanks for speaking out!


  7. It’s never a war for those who give order to drop bombs on a country…. Just a war for the civilians under the bombs


  8. I agree with you dear Frizz, and you are doing great always in your post and I love your music… without music life couldn’t be good… Thanks and Love, nia


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