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I like to be part of the “Weekly Photo Challenge” uploaded every Friday by the “daily post” team in New York. On the other hand, I ask myself, if the horizons of those photo-specific topics are too narrow-minded? Photography has become an important part of international journalism …
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… but the best photos I usually find watching daily the British Telegraph’s picture galleries – I’m introducing that via my and twitter account. My favorite photo-server flickr sometimes offers interesting photos too – I try the most inspiring to introduce here in my blog. But beyond photography maybe writing is the most important bridge for messages. With focus on writing word messages I enjoyed during the last days the online word design creator of tagxedo – notice the graphic above (was chosen for the daily EXPLORE page of too)

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9 responses to “Inspiring Topics

  1. Photo challenge parameters can be limiting or just plain mundane – in my own challenges there are no parameters but readers seem to find this too much “work” or perhaps too much of a challenge to have to think about in any detail – who knows? Rod Stewart knew the importance and poignancy of words/music/visuals : “So remember, every picture tells a story don’t it…” –
    Just goes to show how we can be instantly transported to another time or place by this magical combination.


    • would Rod (and his marching girls) like to fight again vs. Falkland or at Gibraltar, vs. Libya, Iraq or Syria? My favorite French writer Flaubert once wrote:
      “One does not dance today any more; one marches, winds himself etc. ”
      more about FLAUBERT at


      • Probably not but this time’s militaristic obsession with interfering in other countries affairs will surely be the end of us all – in less technologically informed and certainly less lethal ones, the sense of paternalistic responsibility was directed differently. I am getting tired of these big boys playing with their toy armies without looking at how they can make constructive change at a more basic level – how many photos of starving, homeless women and children – the very foundation of our future society – do we have to look at before someone in power actually does something to create positive change. At the grass roots level we all try and make a difference each in our own way – sustainability, ecology, charity, helping in our own communities – but some days it seems as though our efforts are being swallowed by government and their idiocy. We all need to remember why we are fighting so hard- love, family, unity and creativity – to make what’s left of our works a better place….


  2. I too question participating in the Weekly Challenge but for now it works for me. It’s easy for me since I have so many photo’s different photo’s in my digital library. It is interesting to look at what others come up with to. It challenges the photographer to think outside their “normal” box.


  3. Laura Bloomsbury

    I too have a need for words hence I started this other blog but the point and shoot camera is more generous about my abilities! p.s. the telegraph gallery is a great source as is your own


  4. Imagine life before the most up to date images were splashed around the world.


  5. Enjoyed Rod S. … and yes. I participate in the Photo Challenge at times…
    just for the fun of it!


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