The Syria Question

Good morning, America, how are you?


I tried to find the melody of this song, once heard on the radio, fingerpicking on my guitar. I like the happiness. But what’s up, if things are going wrong? Syria for example. Military intervention? How would YOU decide? British parliament said no. French president says yes. Germany no. Russia no. Iran no. And America?

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25 responses to “The Syria Question

  1. Very unfortunately America has said yes. In my heart, I know this is a very bad decision. It saddens me.


    • Europe is waiting for the 9th of September: then the parliament in Washington will have the discussion of the topic: as clever as in London, where the parliament made opposition vs. the prime minister?


    • I agree. I don’t like a lot of things that are happening in the Middle East, but I don’t believe we should involve ourselves…. again and again.


  2. I’m praying for the protection of the innocents, especially the women and children who are just being caught in the middle. I know many have died before the gas attacks last week. They were killing women and children then, but they didn’t have the definite evidence that they were using chemical weapons against the people. A colleague of mine from there had a member of her immediate family killed a couple years ago by the military, hoping that the U.S. would intervene then. Now, there is ground to do so because of international law.

    I’m not saying that military action is the best way to resolve it. If that were so, perhaps this conflict would have been over. My honest feeling is that something more needs to be done, something much deeper than that. I am in prayer for the people, especially those who cannot defend themselves, as well as God’s guidance with our leaders to do what’s best.

    I will say that something must be done. Can we (not just Americans but the rest of the world) just turn a blind eye to the fact that innocent children and others are being killed by the masses? I understand that as someone pointed out, we aren’t the moral police. However, where is the compassion?
    The attitude seems to be, it’s not our country, it has nothing to do with us from a lot of people (not just the U.S.). I beg to differ. Slavery, the Holocaust, atrocities committed during the civil rights era were able to continue for so long because many people felt, it’s not their battle; it had nothing to do with them. So, let it alone. In the past few years, we’ve heard stories of children and teens who have been bullied and felt the need to take their own lives because no one felt it was their battle. Why step in; it has nothing to do with them. Just do nothing.

    Rather than being afraid of what might happen if anyone intervenes, people should be more afraid of what might happen if they don’t intervene. Intervention may come at a sacrifice, a sacrifice of one’s own security. As in the case of a bully, he doesn’t want to be challenged by anyone around and may try to bully anyone who intervenes. However, if never confronted for his bullying, he just becomes bolder and recognizes the power given over to him by those who choose to do nothing. He feels like he can do anything, continues and escalates, unless something happens to stop him.

    In any case, we need to pray for our leaders and the people there who need protection.


  3. I really don’t understand why ? Should be another ways too… Syria and Iran stands a fearful place with what they had… Weapons, I mean. So it should be decided very carefully… I worry…. And of course I pray too for countries and especially the people who need help…

    God Save The World,

    Thanks and Love, nia


  4. Before this conflict, many iraqis went to syria….Now 2 milllions Syrian are moving in lebanon, turkey, Iraq, Jordania… But what are te international proposal to resolve a “false” civil war ? Bringing weapon…sorry selling weapons. Great idea. And preventing weapons to come in, blocking bank accounts of leaders without a blockade of civilians, banning foreign mercenaries to come into this conflict, … everything to solve the internal problem without the influence of the great Sunni countries. Syrian people like iranian people are not evil. They just want to live in peace. Iran has no interest to attack any country in the gulf, even Israel. Nuclear power seems the only way to prevent the independance faced to all the realms of the gulf. It’s a danger,but don’t forget that Pakistan, India, North Korea, USA, France.. and surely Israel have the same. There is more danger with some of these countries and nobody cares. I didn’t see any US officials to come in Pakistan and tell : “Nuclear Bomb is forbidden now, You have to destroy all that”…Strange ?


    • “…blocking bank accounts of leaders without a blockade of civilians…” – as they did vs. Gaddafi… – the wife of Assad (with British passport) still likes shopping in London …


  5. Love the music but it’s a hard question. Music is so much easier in this sad world of ours, isn’t it, Frizz?


  6. Hope for a NO but will eventually say YES – as planned…
    Thank you for the happiness of your notes, Frizz! They help!


  7. Not so good, to answer your query, not so good.


  8. Maybe if you gave elected representatives a chance to vote on foreign policy more often there might be fewer wars! I expected the UK to jump straight in as usual and was very pleasantly surprised when they said no.
    Perhaps the US will do the same. Peace and diplomacy is the tried and tested way forward, You don’t start wars to “send a message”.


  9. Missile strikes and aggression cannot be the way…have we learned nothing from the past? Yes, we, the global population, must stand with people under seige, wherever they may reside, but not by raining down upon then with more violence and terror. None of us can condone what seems to have happened in Syria (can we believe? what can we believe?).

    When we will find other ways to sit at the world’s table and challenge attacks upon innocents- pawns in the schemes of cruel leadership.

    I am frightened and feel such despair and hopelessness, again and again…


    • “…we … must stand with people under siege, wherever they may reside, but not by raining down upon them with more violence and terror…” – thanks for this clear statement – you should be member of a parliament … (but weapons industry has mixed in their lobbyists…)


  10. I feel our country is not in too good of shape as it is…War takes it’s tole on others as well as us living here… I don’t think we can play God…taking up every issue that plagues other countries…Right now…we are not doing such a good job with our own problems…Maybe time to really take a look at the pros and cons…


  11. A very sad and tragic situation, Frizz. So many innocent lives at risk. Thanks again for your lovely reaxing music. πŸ™‚


  12. As Syrian rebels quoted before killing seven captured government soldiers

    β€œFor fifty years, they are companions to corruption,” he said. β€œWe swear to the Lord of the Throne, that this is our oath: We will take revenge.”

    That so many secular and sectarian factions are fighting to annihilate each other, not forgetting Egypt, who is the enemy? Do they even know?

    The sad fact is that it is apparently going beyond military convention to use chemical weapons.

    As Jon Stewart from the Daily Show commented –

    “You can’t use chemicals to kill your own people, you have to do it organically! America and the world want to make sure [Syrian President Bashar] Assad only uses locally-sourced free long-range ordnance.”


  13. Oh frizz, I don’t know what I’d do. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It too frightening either way. I worry. I pray for solutions. I hope.
    Your rendition is fabulous. Here’s one I found that I like.


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