sneakers hanging high

What is the meaning of those sneakers hanging high? Version of graffiti called shoefiti? A sign that you are living or leaving, loving or travelling, blaming or just are joyful? Or someone was killed? Or a girl lost her virginity? Or a sign to police by drug dealers to keep out? Or a sign to authorities, that they can’t extinguish every individual comment? Maybe a sign that you are existing similar to those made by photographers, bloggers – or guitarists = background music: me…
photo by frizztext, Berlin

more about the meaning at
compare my photo with the title 4 x anonymous:
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writer, photographer, guitarist

15 responses to “sneakers hanging high

  1. Frizz, I have often wondered about that myself…I wish I knew…


  2. Or just a goal : To throw shoes and make it stay up there…. Humans have strange games :p


  3. Maybe the sneakers were in protest to some of the non-sensical statues on some of the building of Berlin. Hehe 🙂


  4. That’s a good idea to hang them high.


  5. Shoes hanging from the lines always bug me – I think of teenagers looking for something to do… maybe there is a deeper meaning though?


  6. I’m glad to see this addressed–I remain very curious about the meaning, and I doubt that it’s trivial.


  7. I love sneakers hanging on power lines – like a taunt with the knowledge that they are so hard to remove…the Nike revolution!


  8. I can’t help thinking some bullies took them from people. Some more fragile than themselves, and threw them out of reach. I hope not.


  9. New things to learn everyday, thanks for the link Frizz 🙂


  10. Frizz, another curious activity about shoes is that some bus and taxi drivers in Mexico City hang baby shoes, I suppose their children’s shoes, in their rearview mirrors.


    • that’s a charming idea! I should do so with the shoes of my 4 grandchildren!
      P.S.: I’m wondering, why I never noticed high heels as a trophy up above my head … – maybe because women never would give up their shoes?


      • Hahah Or maybe because those don’t have shoelaces to tie them up and hang them on the wires, as sneakers do.
        If you hang your grandchildre’s shoes, show us a picture!
        Kind greetings.


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