The Old Ballroom

This old dance hall in Berlin has its 100th anniversary next month = “Mirror hall in Clare’s Ballroom” = “Spiegelsaal in Clärchens Ballhaus”, Augustastraße 24, Berlin Mitte – Gypsy Music Restaurant, 3 photos by frizztext, click on the pictures, to enter his gallery on flickr
granbee, Rose from the Mississippi Delta (not a typical Southern Belle she once said) commented: “Only a little bit older than ourselves, right?” My reply: “Right. I saw several lonesome old ladies with walking sticks looking sadly into the mirrors: male persons have a shorter life, stats tell us …”
background music:
me on my guitar, playing “Je suis seul ce soir” = I’m lonesome tonight …

Because I’m still alive, I could take a photo from my wife Barbara when she had a short break on one of the old ball room sofas …

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writer, photographer, guitarist

12 responses to “The Old Ballroom

  1. Wonderful evocative photos! I especially like the chandelier’s reflection in the cracked mirror!


  2. This looks like a set from a Pina Bausch ballet.


  3. The faded elegance in these shots is an invitation to dance and enjoy the space, thank you so much Frizz for the sweet music!



    It’s so beautiful!


  5. Wonderful shots of an elegantly decaying room, I love all the frayed edges, chips and cracks, hinting at times past.


  6. What a sad old place, Frizz. I want to give it a hug or breath a bit of life back in. 🙂


  7. There is the History to see and to feel


  8. A pleasure to read. And your guitar music starts playing now even while I scroll through the wordpress Reader. Very nice playing.


  9. I hope you had a little twirl as well!


  10. Beautiful pictures with a nice ambiance for a so nice music


  11. My first post of the day, Frizz, and I so enjoyed the guitar music with my cup of tea. 🙂 I love the scenes in the photos, and can’t help wondering if the old piano is still in tune. I think old ladies often feel sad when looking into mirrors, as they lament the passing of their former glory. 🙂


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