Thank a Teacher

frizztext: dear Ruth, you’ve written a heart touching tribute to your teachers! And you inspired me to mention at least one name for a first step (there could be many others): Dr. Elmar Bozetti. He opened the door for me into the world of blues and gospel music – and he made me write my first essays about philosophers (you bought my book, thanks!)

Ruth E. Hendricks Photography

On this  night before a new school year is about to start and the summer vacation and family visits are memories,  I was thinking about why I wanted to be a teacher in the first place.

I’m writing and posting these photos to pay tribute to wonderful teachers in my life.

In the 3rd grade I had an excellent teacher Grace Wagner from Dravosburg PA  who taught at Winchester- Thurston.   I found an alumni listing online Indiana PA Teachers College class of 1920.  Unfortunately I  can’t find the photo I have of her but plan to unearth it and post someday soon.  Who wouldn’t love a teacher who wrote this about their student.  I found it tonight in an envelope addressed to my parents, inside a deteriorating leather scrapbook.  Isn’t her handwriting beautiful? I am so grateful I discovered this report tonight before  school starts.  “she is able…

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3 responses to “Thank a Teacher

  1. This is so beautiful, I am impressed so much. Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia


  2. I’ve just used google search wondering if I could find something about Dr. Elmar Bozetti – and indeed, there was this:


  3. I will always remember one of my Literature teachers: hermana Carmen´Rodriguez, a nun….She was so great !!!!


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