Whether in the education of children or when working for better job conditions or in the global political conflicts: I liked to stand for consequence. But sometimes, if you insist too much, the criticized and rejected people react very vehemently and forget to stay cool, the escalation becomes a clear problem. Permanent consequence as strategy mostly will produce many significant collateral damages.

Egypt Revolution
title=”Egypt Revolution” – photo by dimios_, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

My guitar instrumental: a tribute to the peace movement of the sixties (Buffy Sainte-Marie, Donovan, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan etc., they changed nothing, conflicts seem to be a constant part of human nature, at least of social networks…)

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18 responses to “Consequence

  1. I chose different pictures for the same subject….And you’ll be probably interested by my post of 4:00 PM on politics….
    Why the Pro-morsi don’t want to go to new elections ? They are the leading force in Egypt…. Strange ??? or not.


  2. I saw a film about the Palestinian/Israeli troubles last night, where the people did stay cool and peaceful but still were harassed, had their land stolen, were shot and killed despite being unarmed … great film called Five Broken Cameras.


    • the Palestinian/Israeli troubles are a constant part of yearly news = notnews. Similar structures sometimes can be observed between children and parents, factory owners and working class heroes – only the methods and tools of resistance change, but the basic is always the same: psychological structures, a hate state of mind …


  3. There is something depressingly inevitable about human conflict. Change will always cause pain and upheaval, as it is sought by some and resisted by others. This pull in two ways leads to tension, and usually violence. Almost every country which likes to call itself free now had a civil war before the new structure of cooperation was found.


  4. dear Seonaid, you wrote “Almost every country which likes to call itself free now had a civil war before the new structure of cooperation was found…” – and I say NO! What about Norway, Sweden, Denmark – it must be necessary, to construct freedom patiently by making laws better step by step – with patience, humor, flexibility, leaving the idea of consequence sometimes, ready to compromise: a good rule for education, guarding dignity of working class heroes and nations: for all three structures first rule: to avoid a hate state of mind …


  5. Complicated subject. It seems more about a fight for religion than democracy. A lot of hate brewing.


  6. Amy

    I’m with the Sundog….


  7. it’s always great to come along ‘later’ and read the feedback! nice post and nice tune! thanks!


  8. Whoa! This photo speaks volumes. Hey, I loved the guitar work!


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