Role Model

Role model (img1): I love storks and cannot understand that bird hunters in Malta or Egypt kill them. My younger daughter, who has just become a mother of her third child, proudly showed me a stork family near her place of residence (img2). Storks sometimes even try to construct a comfortable home at inhospitable places (img3). My two daughters, one a banker, the other an architect and PhD Lecturer: despite all the demands of modern professional profiles: they both try also to fight for the role model of the good old family structures.
Mom Stork coming in for a landing
above img1 – title=”Mom Stork coming in for a landing” – photo by B℮n Visbeek, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
above img2 – title=”stork-breakfast” – photo by Frizztext
home with free electricity
above img3 – title=”home with free electricity” – photo by kainet, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
Stork and baby. San Isidoro
above img 4 title=”Stork and baby. San Isidoro” – photo by Amaya, on Flickr
background music: me fingerpicking my acoustic guitar: I noticed, whenever we had family meetings, all liked to celebrate some songs… (tea for two, a boy for me and a girl for you…)
“…We will raise a family,
a boy for you, and a girl for me,
Oh can’t you see how happy we will be…”

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13 responses to “Role Model

  1. The photo of the nest among the wires is amazing.


  2. reconciling wakefulness with slumber, i was jolted to my senses this morning when a beautiful ‘cloud’ of storks flew past, and my camera was on the other side of the room! ah, seeing those white splotches with black wingtips against the dark morning sky is burned in my memory!

    that image of the nest between the wires is amazing! thanks also for the sweet music to start the day!



  3. Amy

    Meeting all the demands of modern professional profiles is not an easy ride for these young women. I admire you two daughters! Congrats to the proud father 🙂 Love these pics, Frizz!


  4. Ben

    Great stork series~!


  5. Lovely images, Frizz! Sounds like you did a great job parenting to raise such successful and caring daughters! I have to ask – what do you use to record your music? I’d like to convince my hubby to add some acoustic tunes to my blog : )


  6. I’ve never seen a storks nest up close they are beautiful birds!


  7. They are more beautiful thank I realized, but free electricity? Whoa! Look out!
    Fun guitar.


  8. I love your storks – we have only seagulls on the west coast, pigeons all over the east and geese on both ends. They all make a nasty mess and none are very good moms!


  9. Those nests are impressive. I would love to have a family of storks in my roof 😉 When I was a child my father gave me as a present a book which in the hardcover had a family of storks inside their nest located over a spinning wheel on top of a roof (that was part of the story). It looked almost like your first photo. I have tried to remember the full story, even the name of the book to buy it again and reading it once more, but I don’t remember much, I only remember the illustration of the storks, the yellow color of the hardcover, and that the book was about storks constructing their nests, family commitment and respect for other creatures. Thanks for making me remember something about my childhood!
    Kind greetings


  10. Beautiful post Frizz!!! I also love storks…Spain is full of storks, everywhere…
    Please. go here
    May be you will like it! It is a church near the place I am living now… 🙂


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