Lost In Translation?

Though it is not my native language, I like the challenge, to write for my English spoken readers, hoping that I might be not misunderstood, that I can transport the messages, though I lived in a strange country
compare my blog at
below: part of my stats, last 12 months:

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Australia FlagAustralia 4,646

maybe I should not write anymore, only fingerpicking my acoustic guitar trying to transport emotions without a single word, trying to hit the nail, with a hidden sigh: yes, that’s the point…

15 responses to “Lost In Translation?

  1. Your messages are delivered just fine, Frizz!!!!
    Happy Friday!🙂


  2. Very very interesting blog. I read this blog. Thank you for making this blog…


  3. I love the photo, and you communicate just fine. So fine, I wouldn’t have known English isn’t your native tongue


  4. Great messages and love the guitar. Your dedication comes across loud and clear.



  5. Nothing lost in translation for me Frizz!
    English is not my native tongue either, there are a lot of us out there🙂


  6. If anything is lost in translation then fault lies with the reader!!! Please continue to speak through your music and WORDS, for some of us need both!


  7. You should continue writing. I enjoy reading your stories and your English reads well enough for me to understand.


  8. After a bad clerical shool my english is very weak and i feel like a bound dog


  9. Keep writing! And fingerpicking!


  10. I think you writing is great. I can speak in Spanish, but when I try to write it is a mess and I ask my daughter to correct it for me. My daughters are very lucky, being able to write and speak English and Spanish.

    And your music plays automatically on my blog roll as I scroll down my list of blogs that I like. It reaches out to me, makes me smile, and calms me in a way words can’t. No language needed. Thank you.


    • you touched my heart at
      and I tried to answer there:
      I have a bubble in my eyeball too and thought at first I would become blind immediately and prepared to quit writing and photography and began to focus on music – but then the doctor said, it would not be dangerous, no cancer etc. – I just had to learn to accept, that there is a always a floating cloud in my panorama – O.K.
      it seemed that you could understand my writings,
      your answer:
      Thanks so much, I know that is what I have to do, just accept it, and learn to live with it.
      greetings by
      banjo feelings
      playing banjo, with eyes closed …


  11. I never been lost on your post, however I have smiled a couple of times. Great post,


  12. Certainly don’t stop writing….why would you even think this🙂


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