Lost Childhood

When I searched for the farmhouse of my childhood (framework house, with goose, chicken and cats) – I found out, it was replaced by a big, big school with 1,000 scholars. The city had grown. Progress?
the 7 dwarves' cottage
photo: frizztext
background music: frizz-guitar; we maybe did not lose cotton fields at home, but everyone has lost his childhood one day. Relicts? Some photos maybe, some songs, some words …

“…these structures won’t be save. There is no doubt the farms will be replaced by new developments. Progress…”


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writer, photographer, guitarist

19 responses to “Lost Childhood

  1. I never lived anywhere near cotton fields, but I love your gentle music, Frizz. My childhood home was long since bulldozed to make an office complex, which is now derelict. 🙂


  2. my childhood home (owned by my grandparents) which i inherited from my mother remains old, dusty and needs a total repair and renovation.. i remember that it used to be full of life when i was small, lots of flowering plants and vegetables as my grandfather loves plants.. my wish is to make it come alive again..


  3. Hari Qhuang

    What a beautiful house! It looks so “homey”!
    I imagine a housewife open the window to cool a fresh baked cake. 😀


  4. Thank you frizztext. I hope it brings you wonderful memories whenever you think of the old farm. I miss those days too of my childhood but that’s what made who we are today.


  5. vastlycurious.com

    What a beautiful picture Frizz !


  6. Reblogueó esto en Noke In The Cloudy comentado:
    Un poquito de música para la tarde de domingo


  7. I believe that as children we see things with a golden veil. So wherever we may be born, we will always have golden memories one way or another. If only we could retain that filter as we grow…


    • maybe a chemical endorphin drug-like effect in childhood? you told from your father (parents?), Marina, who collected all your childhood paintings – and now you are a painter. You saved your positive childhood feelings into the very present. Wonderful undestroyed bridge to energy of childhood (maybe the same thing, Picasso talked about…)


  8. Love your fingerpicking rendition, “In them old cotton fields back home.” That’s one of the first songs I learned as a child.


  9. Lovely cool finger-picking Frizz for a warm Sunday afternoon in the city. Greetings and thank you. As for childhood homes, I just don’t go there anymore.


  10. Oh I know how that feels. Did a very cathartic piece a while ago triggered by the memories of my childhood home.
    Love your accompaniment Frizz 🙂


    • you’ve composed a great tribute to your childhood home in Mangalore, India, Madhu! I like the boat-photos too, but be glad, you left this graveyard, travelling around the world from Paris to New York etc…


  11. Amy

    I can relate to the lost feeling. The world is changing rapidly… Thank you for the wonderful music, Frizz!


  12. Awww … such a charming building.
    It’s hard to see a childhood home change. There is a hospital where my hubby’s tenement buildings used to be. Progress…??? I’m not sure.


  13. Yes! We all lose something; but, we gain something else. Sigh!
    Lovely music as always. You’re so good.


  14. Having moved many times when little I never look back to a childhood home – home is only where I am in the present. So much truth in the saying that you can never go back…


  15. I love that vintage image of the wooden framed house…it looks so warm, inviting and cosy 🙂


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