Bring it on home to me

If my brain breaks from sleep at night, my heart calms my soul by reminding me of the songs I’ve heard the day before. Then I sit on the edge of the bed, searching for the melody on my guitar …

I believe, you’ll enjoy too, what I found on youtube yesterday:
1- street musician (and watch how easy two different children are inspired to dance)

2- this couple, singing harmony so sweet: with goose under their chair!

photo below: title=”Tyra” by Studio d’Xavier / Xavier J. Peg ☠, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

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writer, photographer, guitarist

11 responses to “Bring it on home to me

  1. I adore this blog. I am rocking now and ready to face the day!
    Bring it on back baby, will be back for more musical stimulation soon. Thank you my friend


  2. Laura Bloomsbury

    a soothing verison you have there 🙂 and thanks for the vids, love the duet with Sam Cooke and imprinted geese


  3. Great song. Great selections, Frizz. Liked the street singer best. Then the goose!


  4. You know I love it!!! 🙂
    BTW: wonderful pic! Your group is a goldmine!!!!


  5. Amy

    Great song! Love the street musician and those two kids…
    Thank you so much, Frizz!


  6. I love the atmosphere in the first video. These people were enjoying his raspy voice 🙂


  7. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was doing the scroll while cooking my breakfast to Sonny & Brownie. Oh yeah!


    • hi Gemma,
      you’ve written a little masterpiece with:
      “My feet finally touched down on the ripples by 6:45.
      I walked with the sun to my back.
      There were a few runners, walkers, fishermen, and dogs.
      It had its usual meditative quality.
      That’s a good thing and it made for a great morning…”


  8. Wonderful song wonderfully presented! That couple with the goose were very good. Sugarcane Harris was the fiddler with Brownie and Sonny. Michael Franks (author of White Boy lost in the Blues that is also on the album) plays with them. As does Arle Guthrie on a cut or two.


    • thank you Bumba / Stephen,
      for the name: Sugarcaine Harris. New for me. He even played together with my idol Volker Kriegel = German jazz guitarist, book author, cartoonist, R.I.P. (my generation…)


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