Israel and the Palestinians

New negotiations started in the USA between Israel and the Palestinians.
Frizz-comment: There is no charismatic Nelson Mandela for Jerusalem in sight. Imagine a government in Jerusalem with two presidents (from former Israel AND from Palestine) doing the will of a mixed parliament (50% from Israel, 50% from Palestine): That’s the situation in united Germany (and was in South Africa). As an atheist I can watch only with irony the strange clash of religions world-wide. Sunni and Shia are killing continuously each other in Syria or Egypt, Pakistan or Iraq. My opinion: religion out off politics (as in France)!
At the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel
title=”At the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel” – photo by Werner Schnell, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

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12 responses to “Israel and the Palestinians

  1. Yes, Frizz, I couldn’t agree more. Ethical and humane behaviour is what is required to resolve conflict, not dogma; nor vested interests of big business for that matter.



    I agree with you Frizz on all levels.


  3. 2812 photography

    There’s a reason why the establishment clause of the 1st amendment exists, namely the founding fathers’ understanding of how religion was used to justify countless wars and bloodshed throughout Europe. Cardinal Richelieu’s ability to practically apply Machiavelli’s political philosophy so adeptly is reason alone for adopting a secular approach to governance. I’m neither a proponent nor an opponent of any major (or minor) religion, but (IMO) when parties of any religious affiliation use their religion to promote blatantly divisive and/or violent behavior and justify this with law, they should have all ties to government policy making removed. In short, preach all you’d like in your chosen house of God, but the replacement of law with scripture should be a no-go all the time.


  4. Part of the solution is the desire to compromise and work together. If the politicians did not compromise in South Africa, there would have been bloodshed.


  5. Following on from Colline’s remarks, there seems to be so little ability to compromise in our world. I continually laugh at the efforts of our “coalition” to appear united.
    Many people in this world have genuine need of their faith. It’s just a shame that it always ends in tears when religion and politics mix.


  6. Couldn’t agree more Frizz….religion if needed should be a personal affair. History shows us disaster after disaster when it gets into politics.


  7. At least John Kerry and the Americans are giving it another good push. And if they are to succeed they will need to overcome the religious factions – who consistently are belligerant and violent as you say. Crusades, jihads in the Middle East. Quite a track record.


  8. And imagine if there were women in this picture….Because the “western wall”/Kotel or Klagemauer, is only for men not women. Some women are protesting and asking for an access to pray here.
    And remember the division of Palestine in 1947 was an idea of …..UNSCOP, some people from sweden, peru, australia, canada, uruguay, yugoslavia, holland, india, guatemala, tchecoslovakia. Great idea not to impose an unique country with only one parliament. The division was, of course, refused by the arabs who lost land and approved by the jews after years of terrorism under english goverment.


  9. I just don’t see Israel & Palestine working things out. I don’t think they could find as much common ground as E. & W. Germany. I wish it were different, but…


  10. As a person of faith, I do have hope for the two-state solution eventually. There are faith-based organisations like Rabbis for Human Rights and also peaceful, nonviolent Palestinian Christians who are working for peace with justice in Israel-Palestine. May God bless and prosper their work.


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