Gun Control

There are too many handguns in the world. Not only that the military inflicts too much mischief around the world – on top of that: Private gun ownership in the United States provides for more deaths annually than it would cause the terrorism there.

Etiopia Mursis with their Kalashnikovs
title=”Etiopia Mursis with their Kalashnikovs” – photo by Harry Fisch Nomad Expediciones Fotograficas, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

New York by Manuel ROMARÍS
New York, a photo by Manuel ROMARÍS, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

Mursi woman and Kalashnikov Ethiopia
title=”Mursi woman and Kalashnikov Ethiopia” – photo by Eric Lafforgue, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

NY, security routine
when I was in Manhattan, near Columbus circle, I could watch this scene … more NYC in my book at P.S.: I wasn’t shot there, but they tried to rob my camera, I escaped running through the crowded streets to the subway; of course it was not as dangerous there as actually in Syria or Egypt: so many photographers were shot in their head, while doing there job!

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11 responses to “Gun Control

  1. The Mursi woman is extraordinary…And her Kalaska quite battered…!!!
    Too many people making money out of dirty bussiness…


  2. The mayhem caused by gun sales around the world is an evil that we go on ignoring. A question worth asking: how did the Mursi woman end up with an AK47? The African continent is rather short on gun factories, but not unfortunately on foreign gun salesmen.


  3. I’ve got the same first pictures like many people who went to NYC and visited UN. Great second pictures. As I said in an ancient post, weapons are in the top 3 traffic in the world and one of the major businesses in USA.


  4. Amy

    It’s a mad world… I don’t think I can click the liking…


  5. There’s no denying the US is gun-crazy, and paying the price daily–and that we don’t seem to mind much (maybe it’s just too horrible, so we pull the covers of denial over our heads). At any rate, owning a gun carries much the same status as owning a car, sadly. I bought a hand gun and kept it in a drawer for 15 years–sold it last summer, never fired. Sometimes I wish I still had it–but another statistic is that, more people are killed by their own weapons than by the intruder they say they bought protection against. I really like the gun sculpture photo, Frizz–gives me hope. God bless you BIG today.


  6. For me its even worse to see women with guns.


  7. I share the previous bloggers feelings and wonder if taking beautiful even sexy photos like the Bana girl with her golden gun is helping or hindering gun control?


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