Aviation History – Flying Fox

FrizzText: Before Otto Lilienthal and others risked their lives by flight tests, some other creatures already knew how it works!

Grey-headed flying fox by Chi Liu
Grey-headed flying fox, a photo by Chi Liu, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com

P.S.: When I visited the Alps, I curiously watched some sporty flying foxes:
photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter my photo pool on Flickr.com

related: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Lilienthal

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16 responses to “Aviation History – Flying Fox

  1. I never heard of a flying fox…flying squirrels…yes


  2. Stunning shot of that ‘Blackbird’ over the alps Frizz! I have seen ‘flying’ squirrels in the wild, but not foxes 🙂


  3. I love this flying fox.
    Here is a modern flying human:


  4. hi frizz, there are actually flying foxes and here in the philippines they could be found in Subic Bay.. these protected specie of bats are so big, its wingspan may reach up to 2 meters..


  5. And Leonardo Da Vinci made some studies on this incredible animal….flying is an old dream.


  6. Amy

    Wow, flying foxes! Amazing shot, Frizz! Thanks for the link of Chi Liu’s photos, pretty cool.


  7. Not certain why, but I’m terrified by even the idea of flying squirrels–too bat-like, maybe.


  8. elisaruland

    I’d like to be a flying fox for one day. I’d wear a helmet, though.


  9. Great juxtaposition! We have loads of flying foxes where we live. They are very noisy at the moment (mating season).


  10. Wow these are awesome shots Frizz!


  11. Amazing shot, Frizz!


  12. I loved your post so much I reblogged it. In fact we had been in communique about it. But out of the blue, it disappeared?! I went back to reblog it, but, no such luck. It says that I have reblogged, and will not allow, am I going down that rabbit hole again?


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