storytelling without words: 11

I like storytelling – and if I have no words: then my kazoo and my guitar try to support me. I hope, we threesome could help you to relax?

photo: me, my guitar and the kazoo, storytelling without a single word …
more of my foot tapping Gypsy jazz music at:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

10 responses to “storytelling without words: 11

  1. how fun! yes, thanks for the easy listening! z


  2. Thanks Frizz, I really needed a minute of relaxation today! Please keep sharing your great music. 🙂


  3. I enjoy listening to your music – especially the guitar.


  4. This has been a nice welcome home for me! Yes, relaxing!


  5. A song that’s new to me for my morning wake up 🙂


  6. Thanks Frizz…
    Today there are too many people feeling “tout seul” in a cold place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, waiting for the doctors to confirm their beloved ones are between the dead …
    We must be able to live everyday as happy and as full as possible, alone or in company, because everything can finish any moment….


  7. bakir360

    Reblogged this on Elektricne gitare.


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