Save the last dance for me

I tried to fingerpick on my guitar a dance hit from the sixties:

below 5 photos by frizztext, you can click on the pictures, to enter the photo pool at flickr …
the D! archive
2this-may-be-the-last-time3flamenco, ivory + ebony
4happy dancers5tango-run

linked to twitter on the National Dance Day:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

15 responses to “Save the last dance for me

  1. One of my favorite songs! Here’s to Clyde McFadden and to Frizz!


    • hi Bumba, irritating L.A., I’ve read about Rev. Clyde McFadden and his thanksgiving sermon & friendship mission in his Baptist church, Indianapolis – so, if you like, call me Rev. Diet McFrizzen.


      • I don’t know about the preaching stuff, but I do know that he and the Drifters were great singers. It’s such a simple song. And so fine.


        • as for your latest version of GEORGIA ON MY MIND:
          you have the voice, Stephen, for a lyrical performance, featuring the pain of this famous ballad …
          a great barrier blocks me to enter singing – so I only made an instrumental version of this song together with my multi-talented friend Luzz – my idea was to play it very fast – I have to admit: now the important message of pain was lost
          [audio src="" /]


  2. Oh dancing… One of my favorite things to do! Magical way of expressing yourself.


  3. Nice images to go with your beautiful music. 🙂


  4. your music posts are always refreshing. the photos are perfect for the song! buen trabajo!


  5. Beautiful pics!!!! And nice music!!


  6. Drat and double-drat, there’s a bug in your cloud so the computer says it wouldn’t play it. Same happened with Bumba’s Georgia. Is it just me, or is something weird going on? Like British Rail, there’s the wrong kind of sun on the tracks. Sorry, accidental pun.


  7. Love these photos as they have captured the essence of a passionate dance.


  8. I love dancing… what a beautiful post, Thanks and Love, nia


  9. Super post … love dance and your song.


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