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]images-1If you remember correctly from the Bumbastories/DaFunnyPages Contest from back in the year of two thousand and eleven, the absolutely greatest song in the history of American popular music is Georgia On My Mind, which was sung as we all know by the very great Ray Charles, and written in the year of 1935 or so by the (also) very great Hoagie Carmichael. You can check out the contest by clicking here.  It may be worth your while. You could win a lot of money! The questions are really easy and Bumba guarantees prizes of undisclosed amounts, whatever that means. Actually, I think it means you’re not going to win anything. Nada.

imagesAll the same and in any case, Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles was the correct choice for question #2, the question being What was the greatest pop song of all time? See, we even gave…

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4 responses to “Georgia On My Mind

  1. frizz-comment: you have the voice, Bumba = Stephen Baum in L.A., for a lyrical performance, featuring the pain of this famous ballad (like a Tom Waits)
    a great barrier blocks me to enter singing – so I only made an instrumental version of this song together with my multi-talented friend Luzz (Frizz & Luzz Studio Worxx) –
    [audio src="" /]
    my idea was to play it very fast – I have to admit: now the important message of pain was lost


  2. the version above was uploaded to wordpress
    the version below was uploaded to soundcloud
    compare which version works better, if you have a slow internet connection – I hope you can hear anything!
    (me on guitar, he has done the little rest in his recording studio)


  3. another result of Frizz ‘n Luzz’ studio worxx:


  4. Frizz, Thank you for re-blogging my Georgia post. Now I wish I had sung it better. So far no one has disagreed with my assertion that it is the greatest song of all time.


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