Running Bear

singing on my acoustic guitar a ballad, heard 50 years ago on the radio …

compare some amusing youtube illustrations:



4: Johnny Preston himself:

“On the bank of the river
Stood Running Bear, young Indian brave
On the other side of the river
Stood his lovely Indian maid…”

12 responses to “Running Bear

  1. bennetta faire

    I thoroughly enjoyed this! One of my fave movies is “Twist of Fate”, and in it, Steve Martin and the young girl who plays his foundling daughter do a pantomime act to the old record of “Running Bear”. It’s fabulous. Thank you for all of this!


    • hi Benetta, I just discovered another ironic visual work destroying the romantic of the fifties / sixties (when I went to the dancing school having my first petting experiences) – French philosophy calls this DECONSTRUCTION – but nevertheless – the music gives a flashback to old romantic feelings, though the cartoons are working against the nostalgia:


      • bennetta faire

        Oh my goodness. Seems there was a spate of these “love” songs, where either the guy or the gal died–usually in a car wreck. Arrgghh “Last Kiss” was the one that scared me so bad I decided to never drive…true story.


        • looking back to my 60 years of car driving I have to admit, there were many situations where an angel seemed to protect us … – the death toll on our streets yearly still is very high…


          • bennetta faire

            The opening notes still make me shudder!


            • hi Bennetta, yes, the opening notes, sound like war-shouts to make enemies feel themselves weak – it still works, isn’t it? Short after you heard this, your hair is gone. I think the mice in our garden are feeling the same, if our cat looks deep in their eyes!


  2. they’re all great, and i am shocked that it’s before ten p.m. and the interenet is playing youtubes!!!! (shhh, don’t wake the baby!) (ja! the youtube played, but the comment won’t go through!)


  3. You make me laugh – I remember that song from so long ago, & haven’t heard it in so long!


  4. I haven’t known this song… made me laugh, so beautiful I enjoyed so much, never be forgotten now! Thank you, love, nia


  5. artisticmilestone

    You’re very talented at fingerpicking music, I love your guitar version.


  6. Oh, I do remember this song. In fact, I heard it on the radio the other day. (one of the oldies stations, obviously). Love your fingerpicking version!


  7. Johnny Preston himself! Oh man, frizz. I didn’t need the lyrics I sang along like it was just yesterday! Smiling the whole time.🙂


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