Weather Power

Sometimes the weather strained our nerves. Sometimes you enjoy it. Actually, any weather is interesting – especially for photographers! Do you have an interesting weather-photo? Put a link in the comment box below! For inspiring take a look on my own little weather-gallery, 10 photos:
1U = UMBRELLA (a Goddess, provoking a man to hesitate)2wind farm near Magdeburg
3Rainbow hits brainstorming bureau4raining cats & dogs...
5C = Cat (on the road again)6Rainy
7a modern Sisyphus8BLACKBIRD
9typewriter's time is gone?+waiting for warm socks
background music: me, playing bottleneck / slide guitar

wood & steel
me, playing in the forest on a fine day

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writer, photographer, guitarist

15 responses to “Weather Power

  1. you are right especially for photographers… This morning (right now) I have taken again a misty view of the hills… I haven’t loaded yet, later I can share here too, Thank you dear Frizz, have a nice day, love, nia


  2. oh my you have some wonderful images of weather! i think ‘raining cats and dogs’ is my favorite!


    here is my share on about your theme… Thanks again, love, nia


  4. Sonel

    Stunning weather photography Frizz! Love the last one most. 😀


  5. Indeed , my soul is connected with the weather

    Here a powerful picture more than weather alone:

    the day after ..


  6. Wow they are great but I love blackbird, what a capture!


  7. Laura Bloomsbury

    ah how beautiful is the rain day woman and her umbrella!
    my grandaughter and I shared sunshine this week


  8. It’s so funny seeing pictures of snow while I sit in the golden baking heat of summer in my garden 🙂


  9. Breathtaking weather gallery, Frizz and that photo of you playing in the forest is just perfect!


  10. I like ‘Rainy’. Looks like someone didn’t waste any time getting in out of it. Your music makes your posts even more entertaining. Thanks.



    Nice slide. Here’s some Weather Power with twist !


  12. I love the cat & the typewriter, Frizz.


  13. You have posted a great weather gallery.
    Here is one photo I posted previously:


    • “…We got what felt like buckets of rain suddenly pouring down on us. How quickly things can change…” – we have to take it as a metaphor: cancer like raining cats and dogs on our very heads …


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