My first slide guitar

my new project: slide / bottleneck guitar, open tuning, guitar instrumentals …

it takes a worried man, to sing a worried song …
below: first feedbacks via twitter (Pamela Falcon – ) and soundcloud (Band On The Runn, Ted Roberson, Middletown, NY, United States – ):

wood & steel
me, playing on my Dobro = national steel = resonator guitar in the forest on a fine day
there were a school shooting, a cruel massacre in Erfurt, Germany, and during the funeral one musician performed “Amazing Grace” – we all were very near to tears…
below: me trying the same gospel on my guitar via bottleneck slide and fingerpicking, open E tuning:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

18 responses to “My first slide guitar

  1. Now, I’m woefully ignorant, so bear with me–but hearing “slide”, makes me think of Hawaiian guitar music (“slide” was the term referenced). I imagine you’re familiar–do you play any of that, Hawaiian “folk” songs?


  2. Nice and mellow for a Saturday morning.


  3. well done Mr Frizztext – again brings me back to my youth


  4. I love it!!!!!
    Cheer up!


    • sorry, it’s not Spanish Flamenco guitar – maybe that’s the sound you grew up with? Nevertheless, I got my best guitar lessons by Cristina Rico, Valencia, Spain: I’v learned by her how to focus, to concentrate, to meditate. She played mostly in the night, eyes closed, working for her CD….


  5. Beautiful slide, Frizz!!!! 🙂


  6. How worried could a man be? That rendition was fun!
    Loved them all. Thanks, frizz.


  7. I love it too… and the photograph is amazing… Thank you, love, nia


  8. Very cool portrait! This is a very interesting guitar.


  9. Allyson Mellone

    Thanks Frizz, your Slide – Worried – Man 72 is poetry to the ears. Hopefully, the worry will pass and the poetic sounds will represent a time passed.

    Awful to hear about the school shooting in Erfurt.


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