Detroit dies… background music: me, playing bottleneck / slide guitar

photo gallery,
photo below: DETROIT by Patti Fogarty
the Trayvon Martin case for example is not the last trouble in a long line – there are too many guns in the USA! Much more are killed by youth gangs than by terrorists. So much money vs. Islamism – why not more money to support the situation of the youth and the jobless! Why fight in Afghanistan and why support development in Iraq – and Detroit dies!
about the latest protests about George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting of Trayvon Martin

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10 responses to “DETROIT BLUES

  1. Perfect soundtrack for Detroit’s decline, and the total travesty of the Trayvon Martin case…


  2. elisaruland

    Perfect tune for this bluesy news.


  3. How ’bout “more guitars, way fewer guns”?!!


  4. Pat

    Very well said, Frizz. Thanks.


  5. I agree with someone above who said your music is somehow so appropriate. There’s a lot of pain there….


    • “There’s a lot of pain there…” – after playing Bossa Nova or classical guitar, Gypsy swing or Beatles songs – I always returned to the old blues masters, because that’s my state of mind, the roots of my feelings – I can’t feel authentic in another way …
      below: me, in the background the film documents (9 DVD’s) organized by Wim Wenders about the history of Blues music (and some books about Blues)


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