Wealth Inequality in America

frizz-comment: very precise information! mapping the inequality!
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5 responses to “Wealth Inequality in America

  1. I wonder what the graph would look like if you then placed it alongside the peoples of the so-called developing world, whose countries’ natural resources also go towards making the richest richer. And on top of their (to us) unbelievable poverty these resource-leached peoples have civil strife to contend with, a situation that is often convenient for the resource grabbers.


  2. And here’s a link to a very sad situation in the Congo:


  3. Thanks for sharing that Frizz. Pretty powerful stuff (pun intended)…


  4. That’s so well done – I knew the top 1% had a huge proportion of the wealth in the US but it translates better when it’s put in front of you like this, graphically. I wish this message could go on TV in place of ads for cars & stuff…that might get people thinking.


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